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Choosing the right Makeup Education

One of my Secrets to Makeup Artist Success is “staying relevant”, and that means constantly updating your skills and keeping up with ever changing makeup trends.  I’m a big believer in “Constant and Never-Ending Improvement (CAN-I)” and I attend Masterclasses, Seminars, and Expos several times a year. With so much on offer how do you know which makeup education is actually worthwhile? Who are the best educators, and are you going to get value for your money?  With many Masterclasses costing several hundred dollars, you want to be sure that you’re getting the best bang for your buck.


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Hair & Makeup for Adrift Clothing/Styling Curvy by Sue McLaurin & Maria Rivera @ Arc Creative.  Photo: Gemma T

Questions to ask before parting with your hard-earned $$

  1. Is the CONTENT of the Masterclass is relevant to you and your career? Do you have a plan for the direction of your makeup career? Does this class fit in with your plan? If the content is focussed on Bridal, and you are more interested in fashion, then maybe that answer is NO. Don’t go along to a class just because everyone else is!
  2. What is your desired OUTCOME from attending the class? Wanting to learn new skills and techniques, or learn about new products is great!  The confidence you achieve in a Masterclass can really make it worthwhile. However if your focus is on building your business, then perhaps a business class would suit you better at this stage in your journey.
  3. Is the EDUCATOR actually a good educator? Just because someone is a great makeup artist, doesn’t necessarily mean they are a great educator.  Some people lack the skills to pass on their knowledge effectively.  Is the Educator qualified to educate?  (Here in Australia that means do they hold a Certificate in Training and Assessment?)  While this is not a pre-requisite for hosting a Masterclass (or even being a great educator!), it does demonstrate the educator’s commitment to learning how to teach effectively.  Is the educator experienced?  Have they held other Masterclasses or taught before?  Look for reviews from other students, and ask them.  Video testimonials are great, don’t just trust written testimonials!
  4. What EXPERIENCE does the Educator have as a makeup artist? How long have they been in the industry?  What sort of work have they been doing?  The word “MASTERCLASS” implies that the teacher is a MASTER, and you don’t get to be a master in just a year or so!  I recommend several educators to my students and coaching clients wanting to upgrade their skills, and all of them have over 10 years relevant industry experience.  Take a look at their work, do some research, find out about the artist/educator and their career.  Does the artist/educator have a body of published work?  Do they have hundreds of happy brides?  Does their work show a variety of looks, skin-tones and skin-types? Can they demonstrate their ability to work on all types of clients?
  5. Is the Educator actually an artist/educator or an “Influencer” (it is possible to be both!)I’ve actually seen classes advertised (and filled with eager students) which are being held by artists whose portfolio seems to be full of looks on themselves, or, just the same look on different people.  While I understand going to a class to learn an artist’s “signature look” ensure that look is relevant to your career and your clientele.
  6. How many other students will be in the class? Having taught small classes myself, I KNOW how hard it is to teach effectively when there are too many people in the class.  One year the college I was teaching at raised the class numbers from 12 starters to 15.  In one of my classes we finished with 14 students at the end of the year, and I never felt I could give every student enough attention.  If class maximums are more than 10, that would ring alarm bells with me.
  7. Is the class Hands-on? Or simply a “look and learn”?  Obviously you will learn a lot more from a hand’s on class, especially if you are a kinaesthetic learner (one who learns by DOING, rather than seeing something (Visual) or hearing/reading about it (Auditory)). Will you get instant feedback from the Educator?

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The moral of this post is to think hard about your continued education.  Don’t just book into a Masterclass because someone has several hundred thousand followers on Instagram and is offering a goodie bag.  Do your research and ask yourself the question: “Will this class benefit my business and get me closer to my goals?”

So what is the best Masterclass or Seminar you’ve attended?  Why do you feel that was valuable?  Let me know in the comments below, or come join the conversation on Facebook.


Photo Credits:

Just for Love Photography
Gemma T Photography

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