Where to find your best clients

Do you know which is the best platform for you to be finding makeup and hairstyling clients?  Is it Instagram, Facebook, or maybe even LinkedIn? The answer to that question is going to depend on WHO it is that you are trying to find… your ideal client.

This week’s post is inspired by a comment I had on a webinar earlier this week.  The artist talked about her frustration with Instagram and how she was struggling to get any traction there.  When we talked further she revealed that she is doing 75 weddings each year, and gets 50% of her bookings from Facebook.  What that says to me, without even looking at her work or checking out her Instagram or Facebook pages, is that her ideal clients are hanging out on Facebook.  And if that is where her prospective clients are, that’s where she should be focusing most of her energy.

Remember, Instagram isn’t for everyone!  It’s the platform of choice for a certain demographic, but if your ideal client isn’t in that demographic, then don’t focus too much of your energy there.

If you are looking to stand out from the crowd, and book more clients, more of the clients that you WANT in your business, it’s important to remember that not everyone is your ideal client.  You can’t stand out to everyone… and you shouldn’t want to.

The first step is to Identify your Ideal Client.  Who is she and what is she looking for?  Remember she is not just looking for any makeup artist; she is looking for the right makeup artist for her.  Is she a bride dreaming of being a princess on her special day? A graduating school student going to her formal or prom?  Is she a corporate high-flyer looking to update her headshots?  Is she a fashion designer looking for a creative artist to design a makeup look to complement her latest collection on the runway?  Is he a commercial photographer (or his producer) looking for an artist who can work on people of all shapes and sizes, ages and genders for his next lifestyle TV commercial?  You might be reading this thinking “I want to work with all of those people!  I want to do all those jobs”  I get that! I LOVE the diversity of being a makeup artist, and how no two day’s work is alike.  But, remember, if you are marketing to everyone, you are marketing to no-one.

I’m not suggesting for a moment you limit yourself to just working with one particular type of client, I’m just suggesting to choose your IDEAL and focus your energies (and your marketing plan) there.  You will still book the other work too, heck, I still get requests for halo-eyes from time to time!

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Once you have figured out who you are trying to find, who is your Ideal Client, then think about what it is about YOUR service that is particular to you?  What is your Unique Selling Point? I don’t mean unique as in different to everyone else, but what is it that you offer to your clients?

So let’s say you are focusing on brides.  Get even more specific here.  Is it the natural bride, the glam bride, the vintage bride?  Are you offering a luxury service, is your price point designed for the budget bride, or the premium bride (yes there are clients who won’t book someone they perceive to be “too cheap”) .  Do you work out of a salon or have a home studio, or do you offer a mobile service?

When you have those two factors figured out, then its time to start thinking about how you are going to present yourself and your services to your prospective clients, how you are going to communicate your MESSAGE to them. As makeup artists and hairstylists, the primary way that we communicate our message is through our portfolio. Whether that be your website, or your social media channels you want to be sending a CLEAR MESSAGE to your ideal clients.  One that says “Here I am, this is Who I am, and this is What I Do”.  Then, you will stand out to your ideal clients.

When you are consistent in your messaging (and by this I mean consistency in your frequency of posting to your social channels, as well as consistency in the type/style of images you are posting), then your ideal clients will see that consistent message and have more confidence in enquiring with you when they are ready to book.  If you are constantly mixing it up, and sending mixed messages, your ideal clients are going to get confused, and will pass by your work and look for the next artist who IS standing out by being consistent in her message.

This is the reason that when I am working with artists on their portfolios, I suggest that they divide their website into different sections if they do different types of work. Instead of having one gallery where they put all their work, have a separate gallery for bridal, fashion, commercial and spfx.  Some artists even choose to have a separate website for their bridal work.  I did this for a long time too, but I have found that many of my brides told me that they booked me BECAUSE they saw that I also did magazine work and had worked on national campaigns.  If you’re not at that point yet, maybe you could consider keeping your sites separate. (and if you need some help with your portfolio and website, book in for a Portfolio Review session with me).  By having the sections separated out, a client who is looking for a commercial makeup artist doesn’t have to look at photos of brides and SPFX, and vice versa.

Now back to where you should be focussed on finding those clients.  Once you have identified who your ideal client is, you will have a better idea of where she spends most of her time online.  If she’s a high school student or younger bride, definitely focus on Instagram.  If you’re targeting corporate work, have a presence on LinkedIn.  Either way, remember to use your social media to drive traffic to your website, where your clients can learn a lot more about who you are, and what your have to offer to her.  By meeting your ideal client where she is at, and communicating the right message to her you are maximising your chances of standing out to her, and then of course, her booking with you.

I hope you found this blog post helpful.  Please feel free to share this on your social media pages, and if you have any questions, drop me a comment below, or email me info@suemclaurin.com


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