5 Mistakes Makeup Artists Make (and how you can avoid them!

Have you ever wondered why are some people successful in their business, and others are not?  Why some artists are booked solid and others still struggle, years after starting their businesses?  Often when we aren’t achieving what we want, it is because we don’t know something.  And often we don’t know what we don’t know.  Stay with me here, I know that sounds odd.  But if you think of all the knowledge in the world, there is stuff you KNOW that you don’t know (for example, my partner is a helicopter pilot, but I can’t fly a helicopter.  I KNOW that I don’t know how to fly a helicopter…)  but there are other things that I actually don’t know that I don’t know.

When we don’t know something, it’s possible that we will make mistakes.  And sometimes you can make mistakes without even knowing that you are making them.  When I presented a recent webinar on the 5 mistakes makeup artists make, I found that some of the artists on the webinar weren’t aware that they were making some of these mistakes.  So, here’s a recording of that part of the webinar which I posted onto my YouTube Channel:



If you prefer to read, here’s a summary of the mistakes!!

Mistake #1: Not treating your business like a business

Your business needs to be PROFITABLE.  Statistics show that most small businesses fail in the first 3 years, here in Australia it’s around 60% of small businesses. The most obvious reason why, is that the business is not making money.

So many makeup artists start their business without an actual BUSINESS PLAN, and without really even thinking about setting their rates in order to ensure that they are making a profit.

All successful businesses have a PLAN – and your Business Plan should cover:  What are you going to offer (sell), how much will you charge for it, how much will it cost you, how many do you need to sell to make a profit.

It’s not enough to do a few peoples makeup and then spend all that money buying new supplies!!  (this is where your business turns into the Expensive Hobby!!)

So, make sure you KNOW YOUR NUMBERS:

How much is your business costing you to run?

How much PROFIT do you need to be making to support your lifestyle?

Remember:  If you treat your business like a business, it will pay you like a business.  Otherwise, you just have an expensive hobby.


Mistake #2:  Not having a website OR not using your website effectively.

What would you say if I asked you What is the GOAL of your website?  It should be, to GET YOU BOOKINGS.  You want people hitting that Enquire Now, or Book now button.

It’s a common MISTAKE I see, where artists are sending traffic the wrong way (from your website to your socials).  What happens then?  They end up distracted and scrolling and visit your competitors.

NO!!  You don’t want that!!

So, use your socials to drive traffic to your website and then use your website to get you enquiries (and BOOKINGS)…  Do you have an Enquiry Form attached to your website?

Remember:  You don’t own the platform where your socials are hosted. They can change the rules at any time. Most Facebook Business Page posts only reach around 5% of your followers.  Instagram is going the same way.  They want you to PAY TO PLAY…

And… the algorithms are changing all the time.  It’s a full-time job to keep up with them.  Having said that, organic traffic is the best traffic.  And once you get that traffic, drive it to somewhere that you own…  your website.

Check out this Blog Post for more on the importance of your website.


MISTAKE #3:  Comparitis – the DISEASE of comparing yourself to others

You don’t need to compare yourself or compete with every other artist, you just need to focus on YOUR ideal client, and YOUR unique selling points.  You are unique.  You have a unique strength and a unique story, it may just take a little digging for you to discover it…

Whenever I ask artists what is their biggest challenge in their business they tell me its Knowing How to Stand Out in an overcrowded space.

A big part of your Marketing Plan should be determining your Unique Selling Point – your USP, and WHY your clients should book you.  Don’t concern yourself with what everyone else is doing, stay in your lane and focus on how you can best serve your clients.

When you have identified your Ideal Client and your point of difference (your USP), you will actually stand out from the crowd, attract YOUR ideal clients, who will notice you, Connect with you, and book you based on YOU and YOUR work, and not your price.

The people who are NOT your ideal clients will notice you and keep moving.  And that is a GOOD thing!

Remember that everyone else is only showing the BEST of their life, and the BEST of their business, so don’t compare your everyday with their greatest hits!

Here’s 4 Tips for avoiding Comparitis!!


Mistake #4: Competing on Price

I recently wrote an entire Blog Post about the common mistake I see of artists competing on price.  While you may get an influx of clients in the short term, this business strategy is not sustainable, as you won’t be making a profit, – and we’ve all got to eat, right?

Some makeup artists and hair stylists mistakenly think that if they do a “special price” for a client now, that in the future they will be able to raise their prices and the clients will stay with them.  Unfortunately, this isn’t true.  A bargain hunter will always be a bargain hunter, and the person who shops based on price will always be looking for the lowest price… they won’t be loyal to you.  Read more about this mistake here:

Mistake #5: No Marketing Plan (or even worse – No Marketing!!)

I get it, as makeup artists we want to make pretty faces, and take photos of those pretty faces and for that to get us clients.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that!  Posting images and waiting for the phone to ring (or the DM to ping) is what I refer to as “passive marketing”.  You may get some calls, but it’s a very slow way to build your business.

Advertising (without a strategy) can also be passive marketing.  I see a lot of artists who will throw money at FB ads or IG ads, boosting posts but again, doing this without a plan or strategy is like throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping some of it sticks.

What you really want to be doing is ACTIVE marketing, because it’s a lot more effective.

Make sure you check back NEXT WEEK when I dive deep into what ACTIVE MARKETING is, and how you can incorporate this into your Makeup Business and book more of the clients and jobs you want to be working on.


So, are you guilty of making any of these mistakes?  What’s ONE THING you can do right now that will help you avoid these mistakes and help to make your business more successful?


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