4 Tips to “Pimp your Profile” on Instagram

Ah, Instagram… whether you love it or hate it, it’s pretty much a “must-have” social media platform for makeup artists and hairstylists.  While you may not get direct bookings from Instagram, many of your potential clients will browse Instagram looking for inspiration, and will bring along screenshots of Instagram images to their appointment.

So, how can you leverage your presence on Instagram, and get those browsers booking you (or, at least clicking over to your website)?  And, don’t you need a million followers in order to be successful on Instagram?

While its true that those with large followings will get more attention, and possibly more opportunities when it comes to being an “influencer”, I strongly believe it is totally possible to have a booming successful business with less than 5000 followers, and I know this because my current follower count is less than 3000! It’s not just me, either, I know a number of very busy makeup artists in my market who have small followings, but get plenty of bookings.

There are so many things that you can do to “pimp your profile” and make it more attractive to your ideal clients.  In this post you’ll learn about your BIO, and 4 tips on how you can maximise your potential with the right BIO.

What is your Bio?  It’s that section of your profile ABOVE your images…  and in this post we will focus on just that.

Tip 1:  Your business in 150 Characters:

Your bio is where you can tell your ideal clients about you and your business, (and why they should book you) in 150 characters.  Since a recent update I’ve noticed that Instagram is now not displaying the entire bio (there is a “more” section to tap), so this makes it more important to get your most important message out FIRST.

So, have a think about what you want to say in that first, say 100 characters. You can also include emojis in the 150 characters, which can help to make your profile stand out.

You should have a clear Call to Action in your bio – whether that’s Book Now, if you have a direct booking service; Enquire Now, if you have an enquiry form (and there are buttons for these) or even just Follow Me!


Tip 2: Choose your Category:

If you have your Instagram profile set to Business, you may choose your Category.  Yes, Makeup Artist is an option, although Hairstylist is not. So, if you’ve chosen Makeup Artist as your category, you probably DON’T need to put that in your 150 character Bio description.  You could mention what you specialise in, bonus points if you mention your ideal client or your 3 words describing her…

I do see people using “Public Figure” as their category.  This is acceptable if you’re Oprah, Kim K or even the Prime Minister, but let’s keep it real here, ok?


Tip 3: Location, Location, Location:

The single biggest mistake I see people making on their Instagram bio is not putting in their location. When you are a location specific business, this is VITALLY important.  If someone is in Brisbane, looking for a makeup artist, they want to know that you’re local to them, if they like your work.

You have 2 choices when listing your location, firstly, you can put it in the 150 character description, OR, you can use the ADDRESS field, and just put your city there – you can leave out the street address.  Using the Address field frees up more of those 150 characters for you to craft your compelling message.

Whenever I suggest this to my students or coaching clients, someone will say “but I am happy to go anywhere to work, I WANT to do destination weddings, or get flown around the world working on shoots”.  I get that; I would love to be flown around the world too!  However the reality is, the vast majority of your potential clients are looking for someone who is located in the same city as they are. You can always say “Available worldwide” or “Passport ready to travel” or “Destination wedding specialist” or words like that which tell your ideal clients you’re open to travelling, but don’t discourage the majority of your potential clients because you’re holding out for those rare dream jobs!

Tip 4: Link it:

While links in posts and stories aren’t possible (unless you have more than 10K followers, which unlocks the Swipe Up function in stories), you do have the option to display ONE link in your Bio.  (Then you can tell people “Link in Bio” in your posts)  You can choose what link you put in here, it doesn’t have to be your website, you can link your Facebook page, or anything you like really.

This is a great place to link to your blog, a freebie offer, or an enquiry form, OR you can link to all of them using a (free) service like Linktree which allows you to post a pop up on to your profile, and then multiple links within Linktree… so you could link your web-based portfolio, your latest blog post, your enquiry form, AND your Facebook page.

So I hope you’ve found these tips helpful, go have a look over your profile… and look over it imagining you are a client looking for a makeup artist.  Does your profile speak to her?  Does it make her want to tap that “more” link?  Is your message compelling?  And is there a clear Call to Action?  Remember to use your Insights to monitor which posts are performing well, which posts are sending people to view your profile and how many people are then taking action on your profile.


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Main photo:  Hair by me, Makeup by Danielle Robinson