How to write posts that get your clients clicking “Book Now”

How do we, as freelance makeup artists and hairstylists trying to book more clients online, cut through all the noise, and stand out to our ideal clients and get them clicking that “book now” button?

Do you see those people who are always posting with their promotions?  It seems like all they are doing is sell, sell, sell, and it gets so annoying! Do you just mentally check out?

Gone are the days where if you had a product or service to sell, you could announce it to the world, and people would come and buy it.  Gone are the days for us makeup artists and hairstylists where you could throw a few images up on a free website, take out an ad in the yellow pages and sit back and wait for the phone to ring… (ok, it wasn’t quite like that; there was also lots of networking to do!!)

We live in a world where consumers are constantly bombarded with marketing messages all day long. There is just so much information out there!  And it comes with us all the time, we don’t even need to turn on the TV or radio now, the ads are on our social media feeds as soon as we pick up our phone and log onto Facebook or Instagram.  (have you noticed?  Every 3-4 posts there’s an ad… )


While your portfolio will always be your #1 marketing tool, hey, as artists we work in a very visual industry; it’s the words that accompany those images that often make the difference between someone scrolling past, or stopping, clicking, and buying from you.

What I’m talking about here is your promos.  Now, when I use the word “promo” you might think I’m talking about ads, and yes, certainly, ad copy is one type of a promo.  But I’m also talking about Facebook posts, captions on an Instagram posts, and emails you send out to your mailing list.  Any time you’re writing words designed to sell your services, that is a PROMO.

Remember that if all you’re ever doing is writing posts that sell, sell, sell, people will soon switch off.  They won’t engage with your posts, and you’ll be punished by the almighty algorithm.  Experts say that you should keep your promotional posts to around 20% of your posts, the rest should be posts that educate, inspire or entertain your audience – in short, posts that ADD VALUE.

(I wrote a post recently about the difference between old-fashioned promotional marketing – which no longer works, and modern VALUE-driven marketing – you can check it out HERE)

How often are you posting promos – do you even do them?  Are you doing them too often?  You certainly don’t want to be spammy!

So just how do you go about writing a great promo post?  One that’s engaging, and inspires your potential client to take the next step and eventually book you?

One of the biggest mistakes I see a lot of freelancers making is they write the same, uninspiring promos all the time.  Some even have the same message that they copy and paste as a reply when someone posts in a Facebook group looking for a makeup artist.

“Are you looking for a makeup artist for your wedding/formal/event?  I’m a great makeup artist, I have x years experience, I’ve won x awards, I use blah blah products, you should book me”

This promo is clearly focussed on the artist, and the FEATURES of her services…  there’s no mention of the BENEFIT to the client of booking this artist.  And there’s nothing for the client to relate to other than the fact that she’s looking for a makeup artist.

Let’s look at the key components of a great promo.

  1. Identify who it is your speaking to (your ideal client!) Asking a question is good – grab her attention right away
  2. Address her “problem” or what she’s actually looking for – get her nodding!
  3. Offer your solution (think about the best possible outcome for your client, by focussing on the BENEFITS of her booking with you)
  4. Introduce your offer – as the obvious solution to her problem
  5. Clear call to action – let her know how to take the next step.


One of the key points to remember is to use the language of YOUR ideal client.  If you’ve been along to one of my webinars you’ll know how I suggest finding three words that describe your ideal client, and using those three words in your promo messages.  “Relaxed” is definitely one of the words I use with my ideal clients (I’m a bridezilla free zone!).  So what works for me and my target market may not be the right words for you.

The reason this is important goes back to Step 2 above – Address her “problem”, or what she is REALLY looking for.  Yes, she is looking for a makeup artist, but it goes deeper than that.

In a recent webinar I used the analogy of someone looking to buy a car.  When you think about a car, it’s a tool that gets you from point A to point B.  But no car manufacturer says “we make cars and sell them”.  They use words in their promotional material, websites and marketing that go a lot deeper.  And the words and phrases they use speak to a particular audience.

So for example, BMW says “The ultimate driving machine”, Mercedes says “Blend of Luxury, Sportiness and Performance” while Kia talk about their “Leading Warranty & Special Offers”.  You can see how different car brands are speaking to a different audience, looking for something different, when it comes to buying a car.

It’s the same with us as makeup artists and hairstylists.

Here are some examples:

“Are you overwhelmed organising your wedding trying to find the right vendors? There is just so much choice out there.  You’re looking at images of beautiful makeup, but how do you know who is the right makeup artist for you?  If you’re dreaming of a relaxed, stress-free wedding morning, while you prepare with your gorgeous bride tribe, I’d love to be part of your special day.  My calm demeanor and expert makeup skills mean you’ll be looking gorgeous for your photographer (and your HUSBAND) in plenty of time, after having enjoyed one of the best mornings of your life.  Click here to get in touch now and lets discuss your wedding day beauty dreams.”


The biggest day of Year 12 is almost here…  NO, not the exams – your formal! If you want to look totally ah-ma-zing and be the envy of everyone, you need the perfect glam makeup look.  For on-trend makeup at a price you can afford, click here to book your appointment now!


You’ve been invited to the coolest Halloween party, you’ve got the costume sorted and now you’re just wondering how on earth you’re going to do that sexy zombie bride makeup yourself.  What products do you even use?  Why not hire a trained professional, with a fully stocked kit of all the best pro-products to make your look super convincing – I can’t wait to turn you into a ghoul!  You’ll be the life (or death) of the party.  DM me to book now.


Ok, so these are all in my language, and just quick ideas I’ve whipped up as examples.  But hopefully you can see what I mean about crafting compelling promo messages.  A lot less boring and impersonal than “Are you looking for a makeup artist…?” don’t you think?

So have a think about the words that describe your ideal client, and the language that she would be most likely to respond to.  Next time you write a promotional post, use that language, and  if you follow the 5 step formula I’ve given you above, I’m sure you’ll notice the difference.

I’d love to hear how you get on!


If you’d like to check out my FREE training webinar, the next LIVE training will be on Tuesday October 1st.  For more info and to register CLICK HERE



This week’s photos from Makeup Mastermind member Sonja Maree – all makeup by @sonjamareemua
Photography: Laura Jane Smith @laurajanesmithphoto


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