In My Kit Part 3: My Set Bag

If you’re working on location shoots or anytime where the shoot is taking place more than 20 seconds from your makeup station you will need to have a set bag.  A set bag is a collection of all the tools and products you may possibly need for touch ups on set.  A great makeup artist thinks ahead with what is in their set bag; it’s an awesome feeling when one of the crew says “does anyone have a [fill in the blank]” some random obscure thing and you can say “Yes I have it” and pull it out of your set bag.

If you’re assisting an established artist even if you aren’t required to bring your makeup kit, its always a good idea to bring your brushes and your set bag.  I’ve often had assistants on jobs with multiple talent, and the assistant will be on standby on set while I am back at the makeup station getting the next talent ready.  If the assistant has to keep running back to me at the makeup station to get stuff, guess who looks bad?  Hint: it’s not the assistant!

In this week’s video you’ll learn what I pack in my set bag, and why each item is there.  Remember you’re going to be lugging that thing around, so keeping the weight down to a manageable level is important too!




List of Set Bag Contents:

Makeup Brushes
Powder (blot)
basic lip palette

Disposables – q-tips, mascara wands
Powder Puffs
Makeup Sponges
Cotton Rounds
Blotting Papers

Baby Wipes
Hand Sanitiser
Lip Balm
Glasses Cleaner and cloth
Hand/Body Lotion
Nail Clippers & files
Dental Floss
Ziplock Bags
Sharpie (Texta)
Bug Spray
Feminine Hygiene products
Drinking Straws
Deodorant (M & F)

Hair brushes & combs
Bobby Pins
Hair ties (various colours & sizes)
Short hair (male) styling product

Lint roller
Double sided tape
Safety pins


This list is by no means exhaustive.  My set bag contents have evolved over time, I’ve added things in as I’ve noticed crew asking for them on shoots.

Is there anything you have in your set bag that I haven’t mentioned?


Oh, and in case you’re wondering why there’s an umbrella on a sunny day on the beach?  Shading the talent between shots is part of our job…  as we are responsible for all exposed skin!


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