Mia Connor: Creating content and staying relevant

“There are so many things that go into play – it’s not just about the makeup.  Photography and Styling are also so important”

Mia Connor is an in demand international makeup artist and educator who travels frequently, teaching other makeup artists her signature looks, and the importance of creating content to build a social media following which in turn, will build your business. In the last few years she has taught hundreds of makeup artists in Australia, the USA, Europe and South America, all while running her own successful makeup studio on the Gold Coast, Australia.

We sat down for a chat about the hard work she put in during the early years, and her approach to social media, finding fresh faces, and the importance of getting the right photo and writing the right captions.



You can find out more about Australian Makeup Artist of the Year award winner, Mia Connor on Instagram at @miaconnor or sign up for her newsletter on her website miaconnor.com

Thank you so much Mia for your time and being so supportive of the industry !


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