Tania D Russell – Makeup for Photography

If you’re a makeup artist or hairstylist looking to do commercial or editorial work, the number one tool in your arsenal is your portfolio.  And in this case, iPhone photos just won’t cut it.  You need to have good quality professional photos in your portfolio in order to be taken seriously by decision-makers in this side of the industry, and in order to get booked.

Way back in the beginning of my career I was lucky to have a couple of mentors who really helped me with putting together a portfolio that went on to book me national ad campaigns, TV commercials, magazine covers and more.  One of those mentors was Tania Russell, and I recently sat down for a chat with Tania, about how things were “back in the day” and how so much of the advice she gave me back then is still relevant today.

Tania is a media makeup artist working between Los Angeles and San Francisco, where she works in commercial, editorial and celebrity work.  She is also an in-demand educator, teaching both the ARTISTRY of being a makeup artist and the business of being a professional.

We talked about the importance of having good professional shots in your portfolio, and how that translates to this social-media world.



You can see Tania’s work on Instagram at @tdrussellmua or @makeuptogoblog  for her hints and tips

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