BEFORE you set your 2020 goals…

As we come to the end of the year; its natural to start thinking about the New Year and setting some goals.  New Year’s Resolution anyone?

Have you ever set a goal or a New Year’s Resolution, and not had it come to fruition?

It’s all very well to have a goal, but you also need to have a PLAN of how you’re going to achieve that goal.

A plan is like your road map.  Imagine getting in your car to drive to from Brisbane to Sydney.  You wouldn’t just start driving and hope for the best.  You would open Google maps and put in the address of where you want to go, and Google would tell you, step by step, each turn you need to make, how far to go before the motorway exits and so on…  You’d have a plan.

It’s amazing how many people go through their life (and especially those who are running their own business) without turning on Google maps – without having a plan…  If you’re just waking up each day and winging it, who knows where you will end up!!

If you didn’t achieve everything you wanted in 2019, is it because you didn’t have a plan?  Or maybe you had a plan but didn’t really follow it?

One of the cool things about setting goals and having a plan, is, that even if you don’t end up exactly where you wanted to, you achieve a lot more along the way than if you had no plan.

Sometimes you need to change your plan along the way… either because what you’re doing isn’t working, or perhaps another, better opportunity presents itself.

Your plan does not need to be etched in stone!  Even Google maps will course correct if you take a detour.


Before you start planning 2020, it’s important to close out 2019, with Gratitude, Celebration and Love.  You need to start from the right headpace and energy.  Energetic alignment is important – where focus goes, energy flows.  So the important thing is to be focussed on what you DO want.

Often, when we start planning for the New Year, we do so from a place of thinking about all the negative stuff from this last year, and what we DIDN’T achieve.  You want to avoid that because if you do, you will become energetically aligned with this sense of lack or loss.  Thoughts become things.

The universe doesn’t understand “NO”.  So if you’re thinking “I don’t want to be broke again in 2020” your focus is on “broke”, so guess what’s most likely to happen?

Now if you’re reading this thinking “2019 sucked”, well I get that, I’ve had my fair share of years I’d rather forget too. This is the time to accept what has been, let it go, and move on. In order to start the next chapter you need to turn the page. Even amongst the toughest times there can be some shining lights if you look hard enough.

Editorial published in Ellements Magazine. Photographer: Eli Samuel


So, this week I invite you to look back over 2019 …  grab your favourite journal and write what comes to mind…


What great things happened? 

Take a count of how many jobs you did, whether they were weddings, commercials, or simply personal clients.  Do you know how many people sat in your chair this year? Reflect back on those people, and be thankful they chose you.  If you had a few clients who were less than ideal, or even horrible, be thankful for the lessons they taught you, because, in life, we either win or we learn.

Did you see your work published in a magazine, billboard or on TV?  Remember and savour those feelings of accomplishment when you saw that work for the first time.

Were you able to leave your day job or reduce your hours to focus more on your freelance career?  Did you get a new job that is more aligned with what you really want to do as a beauty professional?

Try to also think of some of the great things that happened in your personal life.


Who are the amazing people who came into your life?

Have you started working with some regular clients?  Are you assisting a more experienced artist?  Who are your new friends, work colleagues, teachers and mentors?


What did you want to achieve, but you didn’t? 

Be honest here, why do you think you didn’t achieve these things?  (Just don’t get caught up in feel bad, negative thoughts about these things!)

Sometimes we set goals and achieve them, sometimes we don’t.  Look at those goals you set for 2019 and didn’t achieve.  Did you set the target too high?  Sometimes it’s good to stretch yourself, and even if you didn’t reach the target, you made progress right?

Or was it that you set a goal that really didn’t set your heart on fire, maybe you set a goal that you weren’t really that committed to and excited about.

Was it fear that stopped you achieving the goal?  Fear of rejection, failure, success, what other people would think of you?  Identifying your fears and limiting beliefs will help you when you’re setting goals and making plans for 2020, as you’ll know what to look out for.


What were your biggest challenges?

Challenges can be the greatest opportunity for growth, both as a person and as an artist.  Did you have to work on a particularly tough job?  Create a look you hadn’t done before?  Work with unrealistic time restrictions or with a difficult client?

Maybe you had some challenges in your personal life that impacted your business too.  List them all down.

As Yoda says: “The greatest teacher failure is.”

What were your biggest lessons?

Did you learn new skills and techniques?  Did you learn new ways of running your business, marketing, portfolio building?  And perhaps more importantly, did what you learn that has helped you be a better person?


What made you happiest (maybe it’s not even your work!!)

Focus on those moments, people or things that brought you joy.  Take a moment to reflect and re-live those happy feelings.


What are 10 things from 2019 you are grateful for.

Finish off with at least 10 things, people, experiences or moments that you are grateful for.


Now that you’ve reflected and closed out 2019, it’s time to start thinking about some goals and plans for 2020.  What’s your big goal for the New Year?

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