Ava Belle: Becoming an International Makeup Artist

So you want to be an international makeup artist?

It’s the dream for so many, jet-setting around the world, working on Fashion Week in different countries, or being flown to beautiful exotic locations to work on a high-end, luxury wedding.

One Aussie makeup artist has made this her reality.  Ava Belle has spent the last decade between Australia and Europe, working backstage for fashion shows in New York, London and Paris, working with photographers in Paris, and being an in-demand makeup artist for brides travelling to France and Italy for their destination weddings.

I recently caught up with Ava to chat about her career, how she got started, and what led to her making the move to Paris.  She shared with us about her initial inspiration when working in theatre productions as a small child and she saw one of the performers pull out a “magical box” of makeup products and transform himself into a woman, and about how everything changed for her once she came up with a plan to steer her career in the direction she wanted to go.

Ava talked about having mentors who guided her in her early career and the importance of the connections she made, the relationships she developed with others in the industry and how her network has been so instrumental in all of her success.

Click the video to watch the interview now!


Her biggest tip for aspiring artists:  “Figure out what you want to do; find the person who’s the best at that and then get yourself in front of them.  Assist them, learn from them…”

You can find out more about Ava, and follow her journey at avabelle.co and on Instagram at @avabelleluxury and @avabellemakeup


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