Can you do both bridal and commercial work?

Many makeup artists and hairstylist who work in the bridal industry would love to reclaim their weekends, and often look to doing more corporate and commercial work as a way to earn during the week.  While of course, makeup is makeup (and hair is hair); these two sides of the industry are different in many respects.  Making the shift from bridal to commercial (or combining the two) is certainly possible, but the path to success can be a little different.

Recently I was a guest on Dawn Rose’s Bridal Business School podcast, where we talked about this topic.

We covered:

  • The key differences between bridal, commercial and editorial work
  • Who to be marketing to if you want to do more commercial work
  • What to have in your portfolio to attract commercial clients
  • How editorial work can be the pathway to commercial work
  • How to enjoy the best of both worlds

You can watch a video of our interview here



Or, if you’d rather, listen to the podcast on your favourite podcast app, iTunes, Google Play or Spotify.


Thanks for having me Dawn, I really enjoyed this chat with you.


Go ahead and check out the other episodes of the Bridal Business podcast by searching “Bridal Business” on your favourite podcast app.




2 thoughts on “Can you do both bridal and commercial work?”

  1. Bridal makeup takes a lot of time as well as it needs to be done carefully because bridal makeup needs to be perfectly done without any mistakes or it will spoil their special day. Commercial work can also be done while doing bridal makeup side by side. The information that you have shared in this article is very helpful. Thank you for sharing.


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