Adding hairstyling to your makeup business

Depending on your location, and your market, its often not enough to just do makeup.  “Do you do hair?” was one of the most common questions I got when I was first starting out. I didn’t, so I decided to learn.  Adding hairstyling to your skill set opens up so many more opportunities to you, with both personal clients and within fashion and commercial work.

One of the biggest challenges in hairstyling, is that your client will often give you a picture of the hairstyle they want, and often it is just the back (particularly if its an upstyle).  It then takes a bit of communication to determine how she wants the front to look.  There’s nothing worse than doing a hairstyle and having the back exactly like the picture and then her telling you she hates what it looks like from the front.

Consulting with your client, and communicating with her, before you start styling is key!


This week I had a virtual chat with Gretchen Maurer, a 40 year veteran hairstylist from Connecticut in the USA.  I just love technology that allows me to chat with someone across the other side of the planet!  We talked about the importance of the consultation, and how to quickly make sure your client is going to love what her hair looks like from the front, and Gretchen explained her “5 sections” system, showing us how to break down a picture of a hairstyle and create something that will not only suit your client but also, something that she will love.

Gretchen has been in the Hair Industry since 1980. As a former salon owner, platform artist, updo educator, and writer of: “The business of bridal beauty, The morning of your wedding ” Gretchen’s experience is wide and varied. She has also worked as a clarity coach along with her husband, so she has a unique perspective when it comes to hair education, taking her “updo system” and adding in the mindfulness concept.

In this interview we chatted about the importance of adding hairstyling skills to your makeup artistry, how this can be an excellent way to boost your bookings (and your income).


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