Social Media for Makeup Artists – what to post

Do you sometimes struggle to come up with new Instagram posts every day? You know consistency is important, but what do you do when you have no new work to post?  If you really want to use Instagram and Facebook to attract new clients, WHAT you post is just as important as HOW OFTEN you post.

This week’s blog is all about the different types of Social Media posts you can create, to not only engage with your current audience, but to continue building a new audience, and attract new clients.

You can watch the video here, or read on below:

One of the big mistakes I see MUA making is to JUST post pics of their work to socials, to just use Instagram as their portfolio. This is kind of like having a Ferrari and only driving it in first gear!!

Instagram is a powerful tool for marketing your business, so its worthwhile learning how to use it to its full advantage.

Other artists make the mistake of constantly promoting themselves on socials, and people don’t come to social media to be sold to, so these posts just appear spammy, which turns people off.

Yes, you can use Instagram as a portfolio, and Yes, you can use it to advertise your work…  BUT, if you want the best results, think about WHY people actually come onto social media…

People come to social media to connect with their friends and family, and to connect with business and brands that they follow.

So, it stands to reason that we need to be working at building CONNECTION with our audience.  Social Media provides an EXCELLENT opportunity to do that. People come to social media to be INSPIRED, EDUCATED and ENTERTAINED… that’s why cat videos and TikTok dance challenges are so popular right now.

So when you are posting, look at your posts through the lens of “is this post inspiring, educating or entertaining my audience?” or is it just a spam fest.

Post with intention!  Post to encourage engagement and connection.  This has the dual benefit of not only allowing you to build the Know, Like and Trust factor with your audience (and remember, people do business with people they know, like and trust), but it also tells the algorithm that your content is valuable and popular, so it will be pushed out to more people.


So what are some of the other types of posts you can do?


1  Product recommendations: remember, your audience is not made up of makeup artists, so keep your recommendations relevant to your audience.

So when you are doing a product recommendation post you could be posting an image of the product. You could post a video of you using the product, either on a client or on yourself. Or, you could post an image where you are showcasing that product. But remember, the purpose of these posts is to educate your clients. So in the caption, you want to be talking about the product and WHY you recommend it.  Focus on the benefits not the features.  And then, invite engagement with your audience.

So for example you might feature your favorite highlighter.  You could discuss what makes this a great highlighter, why you prefer to use a powder over a liquid/cream highlighter, whether a shimmery highlighter is better, where on the face you should apply a highlighter, depending on faceshape etc etc… and then at the end of the post, you can invite your audience to engage with you by asking a question like, “what’s your favorite highlighter? I’d love to know, drop it in the comments below”


2 Makeup/skincare/hair tips: How-to… videos are really good here – make them relevant and topical. Keep them simple.  Think about things that we makeup artists take for granted, but that your clients may not be aware of.

While the focus of the last type of post was on the products, with these tips, these are more of a HOW TO.  So you can show how to do something.  If you can make it something unique, that will add value to your clients, something they don’t already know, then that’s hugely useful.

For example.  One of the tips I shared recently on a women’s entrepreneurial group (so, not a tip for makeup artists – though I have seen some artists do this), is to NOT pump the wand up and down in your mascara tube before you apply it. (in case you didn’t know, it forces air and bacteria into the tube and dries out the product quicker).  I was amazed (though I shouldn’t have been) at how many of those women said OMG I didn’t know, I do that all the time.

So again, think about tips that we take for granted as makeup artists, but that your clients may not know.  Don’t just copy the application tips that everyone else is posting – try to offer something unique, and remember to tailor it for consumers.  Simple tips are effective.

3 Questions: ASK questions of your audience – find out more about them, what do they want to know about?  This is a good one for stories – you can use polls, and the question sticker.

4 Quotes and Memes: Entertain, and Inspire, and keep them lighthearted… there’s some great ones going around at the moment.

5 Post your work: flashbacks are fine!! Use your insights to look back over which were your best performing posts in the past.  Not just those that got the most “likes” but those that had the most comments, those which were saved or shared – or, those that got the most people to visit your profile or click on your website link!

6 Shoutouts: a GREAT way to network with others in your area/industry. I love to do #sundayshoutout on my stories

7 Promotional posts: Yes, you should still be promoting your business right now.  But, do it in a way that is respectful and relevant.  As much as we are upset and hurt about having no work, spare a thought for your brides who have been looking forward to the most important day of her life, and then having it ripped away from her.

SM marketing experts say that you should do around 80% value posts and 20% promotional posts.  I like to say, it’s good to do a promotional post once a week (and not the same day every week).  When you do, write these posts from your audience’s point of view.  Think about how you can BENEFIT her.


The important thing with Social Media marketing, is just like any marketing – you need to monitor what is working.  So, keep checking your insights, look at what sort of posts are performing well with your audience.  Look at the different metrics, and post with intention!  I’ll do a full blog post on learning about your insights soon!


If you’d like a visual prompt for the different types of posts you can do, you can download my free “Social Media Posting Schedule” at



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