Clean Beauty for Makeup Artists

Erin Norden is the owner and founder of Clean Beauty Market and a self-confessed beauty junkie, professional Makeup Artist and clean beauty advocate.

She has worked as a freelance Makeup Artist for over 15 years & on her journey to transition her professional and personal products to non-toxic, she spent years researching ingredients and brands which led her to open the Clean Beauty Market in 2017, as she couldn’t find the shopping experience she wanted, either a physical store, or online.

In this interview, I chat to Erin Norden about her background as a makeup artist and why she became interested in “clean beauty” – what led her to open the Clean Beauty Market.

We discussed her favourite brands, and how we as makeup artists can incorporate more clean beauty products into our professional kits.

You can find out more and shop the Clean Beauty Market at

Erin also mentioned a great resource for those looking to learn more about what ingredients are in your favourite products:

Erin has appeared in and contributed for publications such as Marie Claire, Elle, WHO, Body & Soul, The Daily Mail, The Sunday Mail, The Gold Coast Bulletin, Cosmopolitan and more. She was featured on Studio 10 and Kochie’s Business Builder’s as the Entrepreneur In The Spotlight on Channel 7.

Erin is passionate about change within the beauty industry and all women having access to quality clean products and ingredient education.


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