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Covid-Safe work plans for Makeup Artists

There has been much excitement in the makeup community this week as the Australian government announced that many businesses will be allowed to operate again from this weekend. And I’m reading similar comments from around the globe, that restrictions will be lifted in the not too distant future.

Depending on where you live, dates and requirements will vary.  But there’s one thing for sure, being a freelance makeup artist in the post-Covid19 world will be a different matter than before.

I know many artists will be rushing to get back to work, but I encourage you to take some time just now to consider HOW you will be working, going forward.

Things that we used to take for granted will need to change.  No longer can we set up our station with open palettes, no longer can we wear our brushes in a waist belt.

This week’s blog will cover some of the procedures I will be putting into place in my business, and some I suggest you consider doing too.

NB:  I am located in Queensland, Australia.  Makeup artists are permitted to start working from this Saturday 16 May, as long as we have a Covid Safe Plan, and we keep a register of our clients.  Your legal requirements may differ from some of these, but I think they are a great outline for everyone.

The purpose of these procedures is to protect the health of the client, the artist, and your kit.  Now more than ever, it is important that we COMMUNICATE with our clients, let them know why we are doing what we are doing (particularly our regular clients, who may be used to us working a particular way), and that our primary concern is for their health and ours.


1 kit hygiene

No longer can you wear your brushes in a belt, or even keep them all in an open container on your workstation.  You should have a separate set of brushes for each client, and keep them in a CLOSED container (like a zip lock bag) until you are about to use them.  I recommend opening the bag once the client is in the chair and explaining how you have cleaned the brushes prior to her appointment.  During the application, place the brushes in a cup or container, and after you’ve finished, put ALL the brushes (used and clean) back in the zip lock bag to be washed when you get home.  Yes, even wash those you didn’t use, if they have been out in the open during the application.

Use disposables where possible.  Mascara wands, lip wands, wedge sponges (no more Beauty Blenders!)

The Covid Safe Plan requires that we refrain from using (tester or sample) products on more than one person.  To stay in line with this requirement we will need to  decant ALL products onto a non-porous palette (stainless steel or ceramic) or a disposable paper palette.  This includes powder products such as eyeshadows or blushes.  Anyone who has an ITEC or BTEC diploma will be familiar with this procedure.  Use your stainless steel spatula or palette knife to scrape the powder product onto your palette, and apply from there.  Do not touch your powders in their palettes with your brushes.

Keep ALL your products closed when not in use. Including eyeshadow palettes.


Watch my  Facebook Live where I discussed how I’m organising my brushes.

makeup artist kit


2 Station hygiene

Use an anti-bacterial spray or wipes to clean down your station surfaces hourly and between clients.  Any area of your station that your client touches (eg. Your chair) should be sanitised between clients.  You should also wipe down the outside of your palettes and products between each client.


3 Social distancing

Here in Queensland, we are allowed to operate only if there is less than 10 people in our “salon” at any one time – so the same goes for if you are working from your home studio or mobile at your client’s location.  We are also required to have 4 square metres per person in the area.  This means that we can’t have the entire bridal party crammed into one teeny hotel room.  I will be advising my brides that a separate room will be required for makeup to take place, the bridal party will need to wait in another room.

For everyone’s safety, bride’s should refrain from bringing a friend or mum along to their trial, if you do trials in your own home or home studio.


4 Personal hygiene

This should be standard procedure regardless.  Wash your hands (or sanitise if you don’t have access to soap and warm water) in between each client.  Here in QLD the policy states that masks and gloves “may be considered” but not that we HAVE to wear them.  If you are wearing masks and gloves, they will need to be changed between each client.

You should also ask your client to wash their hands (or at least sanitise) before they sit in your chair.


5 Client Register

One of the requirements we have here in Queensland (and I LOVE this one) is to keep a register of our clients.  We need to collect their name, address and mobile phone number and keep these details for at least 28 days.


How will the Covid Safe Plan work for makeup artists?

The key thing here is to communicate the changes to our clients.  Let them know their appointment may take a little longer as we get used to the new ways of operating (decanting powder products for example).  We also need to inform out clients of the requirement to provide their personal details.  I will be doing this via a written form before the client sits in the chair.

Inform your clients of the requirement to wash their hands before they sit down, and that of course, they shouldn’t attend their appointment if they are feeling unwell.

If you are working on weddings (when they start up again), I recommend you communicate all the requirements to your bride, and ask her to let the bridal party know that you will be following the Covid Safe Plan, and especially that we need to get contact details for everyone who sits in our chair.

Yes it will be a pain in the proverbial getting used to these new requirements.  I am hopeful that these guidelines will force an elevation of our industry, with everyone being better informed, those artists who don’t normally practice good sanitation will realise how important it is and raise their standards.

We ARE all in this together, and if we work together at keeping our clients and ourselves safe and healthy, we can improve the standards of our industry.


You can view the Qld Government Covid Save Policy document HERE.  If you are in Queensland, you need to print this out, sign it and keep it with you at all times while you’re working (or display it in your salon/studio)


Let me know if you’ve got any other suggestions on how we can work safer in the post-Covid world



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    1. Hi Jade it will depend where you are located. Each state in Australia has its own requirements, and if you are in a different country, there will be different requirements there. There is a link to the Queensland plan in the blog post, which is the one I based the post on.


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