makeup kit safety

How to keep your makeup kit Covid-safe

As I write this week, Queensland makeup artists have begun to operate again, and the rest of Australia’s makeup artists are counting down to when they too might be able to get back on the brushes.

Our biggest consideration in heading back to seeing clients should be SAFETY – the safety of our clients, our selves and of course, our kit.

Recently I did a Facebook Live on how I’m using my brushes, separating them out into a separate set for each client and keeping them in a sealed plastic bag until use, and I had a lot of questions about how to use products safely – particularly powders such as eyeshadows.

In this week’s video I demonstrate several techniques for safer use of pressed powder products and pencils.

You can watch the video HERE:



I also introduced the loose pigment shadows I’ve started working with, from Kylie’s Professionals, you can check them out at

If you’re looking for brush sets so you have enough for everyone, Making Faces has a great deal on Single Face Brush Kits


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