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In my makeup kit: My favourite makeup brushes

As a working professional makeup artist, I have a LOT of brushes in my kit (too scared to count them actually!!)

I’m often asked what brushes I love and what are the best brushes. Of course, its a personal choice, but this week, I’m chatting about some of my favourites.

As makeup trends and products have changed, brush technology has also changed.  There are some great synthetic brushes out on the market now, so if you aspire to only use synthetic brushes there are a lot more options.

Traditionally, natural (animal) hair brushes were used for powders and synthetic brushes for liquid and cream products.  I pretty much follow this tradition still.

So, without further ado, here’s a look inside my kit:


And as promised, the list of brushes is:

Crown Brush:
SS011 Oval Shadow – Synthetic Brush used for eye primer/cream shadow/eye base
C433 Pro Blending Fluff – Natural hair – Eyeshadow
SS001 Oval Foundation – Synthetic
C141 Chisel – Natural hair – contour/powder/blush

Designer Makeup Tools:
DMT150-06 Small Tapered Blender – Natural – eyeshadow blending, highlighter and under eye powdering
DMT163-08 Shadow Blender – Natural – eyeshadow
DMT 109S-06 Eye Shadow Detailer – natural – shadow liner
418-VP -30 Pointed Powder/Foundation/Blush – synthetic – buffing foundation into skin
DMT118W-12 Silky Soft Tapered Highlight – natural – Blush, highlighter, powder
463-VS-08 Blending Fluff – Concealer
DMT 180 Eyelash/Brow Groomer – natural – brows & lashes

Bdellium Tools: available from (NOTE: I have not purchased from this site)
764 Studio Line Brow brush

Makeup Weapons:
1.14 Mini Dome Foundation Brush – synthetic – under eye concealer and/or powder

Mac Cosmetics:
209 Synthetic Eye Liner Brush – synthetic – eyeliner (obviously!!)

Get your eco-friendly bamboo disposables from


Please note: I received no compensation for mentioning any of these products


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