marketing tips for makeup artists

Marketing for Makeup Artists: using Google my Business to book more clients

While social media platforms like Instagram can be a great way to attract potential clients to your freelance makeup business, if you rely solely on Instagram, you are missing out on potential bookings. Not everyone is on instagram!

Many of your potential clients will be using Google to find a makeup artist – so it makes sense to have a presence on Google. Many artists I’ve spoken to think that you need to have a website to have a Google listing, and while that certainly helps your business, it’s not necessary to get your business appearing in the search engine.

Google works with the location services in a person’s mobile device or computer (provided they allow Google to access your location). So when a potential client types “makeup artist” into their Google search, it will show them a list of artists near them. Lately I’ve found that a large portion of my clients are finding me simply by using a google search.

This week’s video is all about how you can use “Google my Business” to get your business out there to more potential clients – especially those who are local to you.


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