All About Assisting

Earlier this week I had an artist reach out to me who had had a bad experience assisting another artist, and I was sad listening to her experience.  I reassured her that this was not normal, and that assisting gigs are a great way to further your makeup artist career, whether you are looking to get more experience on-set with production work, commercial or editorial, or even how to manage large wedding parties.

Have you done any assisting?  I’ve written several blog posts about assisting in the past – while times have changed, and this is often the “forgotten step to success“, I believe there is a “golden opportunity” in assisting more experienced artists, and its not just about learning how to better apply makeup or use different products.

This weeks video is all about assisting, what you can expect as an assistant, and what is expected of you.  All new and updated for 2021!

I hope you enjoyed this episode, don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more great hints and tips coming soon!

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