how to manage makeup enquiries

How to manage January enquiries

January is usually a time of increased enquiries, especially for weddings.  Having been a makeup artist for 20 years, I’ve seen this trend play out year after year.  While 2021 was a bit of an anomaly, I believe that 2022 will be a big year for weddings, and I fully expect most makeup artists to be fielding an increase in enquiries over the next couple of weeks.

Why is this?  I believe its because once all the craziness of end of year, Christmas and the holidays is over, and people get back to work, they want something to look forward to and it makes sense to start planning their upcoming weddings.

So in today’s post you’ll learn 3 tips for managing this influx of enquiries.

  1. Get your enquiries off social media and onto email.  When you’ve got a lot of enquiries coming in, it makes sense to keep them all in one place.  While I don’t agree with refusing enquiries over DM, I do believe it’s a good idea to get them onto email ASAP. Firstly, because you reduce the chance of an enquiry falling through the cracks, and secondly, if social media goes down (and we all remember that happening a few months ago), you don’t get stuck.

    I’m usually happy to chat with a potential client over DM or text, but once it comes time to giving her a quote, I will ask for her email, and send the quote and any subsequent correspondence over email.
  2. Organise your email inbox. I recommend having a folder called “Enquiries” and putting all general enquiry emails into that folder.  If you can sort this folder by date received, this will help with step 3, below.

    Once the client has accepted your quote and paid her deposit/retainer/booking fee, create a separate folder for each client (I like to label the folder with her name and wedding/event date.  Move all subsequent correspondence into this folder and this will keep your inbox uncluttered.
  3. Follow up after 7 days.  It’s normal for enquiries to fall through the cracks, especially when you’re busy.  And we all know that not every client will get back to you in a timely fashion!  When you have your enquiries organised by date order in your email, you can see at a glance when it’s time to follow up.  Remember that while it’s the most important aspect to us, to your client, booking her makeup might not be as important as other parts of her wedding, or her life.  I know, shock horror!

    For more about how to follow up, check out THIS VIDEO.

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