5 Tips for being more Productive

Earlier this week, I did an IGTV post about the difference between being busy and being productive. The post was inspired by a comment I heard from makeup artist Mia Connor on an Industry Experts panel at a recent networking event.  When the panel was asked for their tips on dealing with self-doubt, Mia answered that… Continue reading 5 Tips for being more Productive

How to Stay Relevant in an Ever-changing Industry

If there’s one thing I've learned about this industry after being a full-time working makeup artist and hairstylist for over 17 years, its how much things change.  If I think back to the makeups I was doing when I first started, the products and tools I was using, it’s almost completely different.  Of course, there… Continue reading How to Stay Relevant in an Ever-changing Industry

Where to find great photographers

I read a comment from the legendary makeup artist Pat McGrath recently; she was asked how many tests she did before she got paid work, and she replied “Thousands”.  Last week I wrote all about testing, TFP, collaborating… whatever you want to call it, doing makeup and/or hair for photoshoots in exchange for images that… Continue reading Where to find great photographers

When it’s GOOD to work for “free”

One of the most frustrating (and controversial) aspects of being a freelance makeup artist or hairstylist, is constantly being asked to work for “free”.  I see these discussions all the time on the Facebook groups.  I hear some artists who talk about doing free work for YEARS and who hardly ever get paid work!  What… Continue reading When it’s GOOD to work for “free”

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5 things to Know when Setting your Rates

I’ve recently written a few blog posts about Makeup Artist Rates, raising your rates and charging what you are worth, and not competing on price!!  Whenever this discussion happens there are always those who will say “oh but I work in a small town” or “oh I’m just starting out”, or “people won’t pay that… Continue reading 5 things to Know when Setting your Rates