What’s the best foundation for Bridal Makeup?

If you're a bridal makeup artist its important to use the right foundation for your brides and bridal parties' makeup. But how do you know which is the best foundation for bridal makeup? This video covers four things to consider when choosing a foundation brand, why you DON'T need to carry all the shades of… Continue reading What’s the best foundation for Bridal Makeup?

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5 things to Know when Setting your Rates

I’ve recently written a few blog posts about Makeup Artist Rates, raising your rates and charging what you are worth, and not competing on price!!  Whenever this discussion happens there are always those who will say “oh but I work in a small town” or “oh I’m just starting out”, or “people won’t pay that… Continue reading 5 things to Know when Setting your Rates

Staying SAFE as a mobile freelancer.

Have you ever been driving to an appointment and had a bad feeling about where you are going? You’ve been driving down a country road, in the middle of no-where, OR, through a dodgy part of town and wondered where you were going to end up?  Have you arrived at your client’s house and felt uncomfortable? … Continue reading Staying SAFE as a mobile freelancer.

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The Best way to build your Bridal Beauty Business

One of the best ways to build your bridal beauty business is by networking with other industry professionals. Having a mutually beneficial referral relationship with other vendors in the wedding industry means more bookings for less effort finding them.  Often when I speak to makeup artists and hair stylists about being referred by photographers, they… Continue reading The Best way to build your Bridal Beauty Business

“About Me” web pages for makeup artists

"People do business with those they Know, Like and Trust".  Some business leaders call it the KLT factor.  Your clients don’t only book you based on your portfolio.  That’s the beginning, that’s so they can know WHAT you do, but they also want to know WHO you are, they want to “Know” YOU. As a… Continue reading “About Me” web pages for makeup artists

3 Tips for Setting (or reviewing) your Rates

As we move into the new Financial Year (at least here in Australia), this is a great time to think about your rates. What should you be charging?  How do rates differ for different types of work?  And perhaps most importantly, how much is it actually COSTING you to be a makeup artist?

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Choosing the right Makeup Education

One of my Secrets to Makeup Artist Success is “staying relevant”, and that means constantly updating your skills and keeping up with ever changing makeup trends. With so much on offer how do you know which makeup education is actually worthwhile? Who are the best educators, and are you going to get value for your money? 

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How to book more brides (without spending a fortune on advertising)

This week's Top Tip for growing your Bridal Beauty Business is Networking with Wedding Photographers.