3 Tips on How to become More Successful

As a makeup artist mentor and business coach, I chat with SO many makeup artists and hair stylists who are extremely talented at what they do, who do beautiful makeup and hair, and have loads of happy clients, but they are struggling in their businesses, unsure of where their next clients are coming from, how… Continue reading 3 Tips on How to become More Successful

How to get MORE of what you want

Mindset struggles and feelings of anxiety affect us all.  There is a statistic I read that success in business is only 20% strategy…  the other 80% is your psychology.  This means your mindset, your self-belief and your self-talk are more important to your success than how well you actually put makeup on people’s faces.

“About Me” web pages for makeup artists

"People do business with those they Know, Like and Trust".  Some business leaders call it the KLT factor.  Your clients don’t only book you based on your portfolio.  That’s the beginning, that’s so they can know WHAT you do, but they also want to know WHO you are, they want to “Know” YOU. As a… Continue reading “About Me” web pages for makeup artists

ASSISTING: The “forgotten” Step to Success

Assisting an established makeup artist is a great way to learn, as you will be watching an expert at work.  I’m not just talking about learning how to do makeup, but all those little things that go into getting regular work, knowing how to interact with the other crew members and talent on set (and… Continue reading ASSISTING: The “forgotten” Step to Success

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3 Tips for Successful TFP Shoots

Testing, or TFP, (which means Time for Print, or Time for Photos), is collaborative shooting where everyone is contributing their time and talents and getting images for their portfolios, but how do you go about getting the RIGHT images, GREAT images that you need to build a killer portfolio?

5 ways to Build your Network

How can you best go about building your network? Relationships are built on value and you need to make sure that you are providing value to the people who you are networking with. Read on for 5 tips on building your network...

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Makeup Artist Costs Worksheet

Do you know how much it is costing you to be a makeup artist? Do you know how many faces you need to do, or days you need to work, in order to cover your costs and start making a profit? This handy worksheet will help you have a clearer idea!

3 Tips for Setting (or reviewing) your Rates

As we move into the new Financial Year (at least here in Australia), this is a great time to think about your rates. What should you be charging?  How do rates differ for different types of work?  And perhaps most importantly, how much is it actually COSTING you to be a makeup artist?