How to build a makeup portfolio that brings you bookings

If you asked me “What’s the single most important factor for helping me to improve my business?” I would say “Your portfolio”.  Whether it’s a website or Instagram, as a makeup artist or hairstylist, as a visual creative, your portfolio is your resume, and your business card.  It’s generally the first touch-point your prospective clients… Continue reading How to build a makeup portfolio that brings you bookings

Do I really need a Website?

Do I really need a website? Can’t I just have a Facebook or Instagram page? These are questions I am often asked by makeup artists and hairstylists, even those who are very busy with regular bookings.  Even now when it seems “everyone” is on Social Media, I do believe there is definitely still a place for… Continue reading Do I really need a Website?

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3 Tips for Successful TFP Shoots

Testing, or TFP, (which means Time for Print, or Time for Photos), is collaborative shooting where everyone is contributing their time and talents and getting images for their portfolios, but how do you go about getting the RIGHT images, GREAT images that you need to build a killer portfolio?

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4 Tips for building your makeup portfolio

It’s often said that a makeup artist’s portfolio is their resume or business card. How well is your portfolio representing you as an artist? Here are my 4 Top Tips for building a successful Makeup Artist Portfolio.