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How to deal with Makeup Artist Anxiety

Earlier this week a fellow makeup artist (who does beautiful work, and has plenty of experience), posted in a Facebook group about how she is currently dealing with crippling anxiety. The responses from other artists were incredible.  Of course, many artists offered her words of support, but what saddened me was to read how many other… Continue reading How to deal with Makeup Artist Anxiety

The #1 Mistake Makeup Artists Make

Can you guess what it is? Using dirty brushes? Not taking photos of their work? Not following up with enquiries? While these are all big mistakes and can have a detrimental effect on your business, the BIGGEST mistake I see makeup artists making is: not treating their business like a business. If you treat your business… Continue reading The #1 Mistake Makeup Artists Make

ASSISTING: The “forgotten” Step to Success

Assisting an established makeup artist is a great way to learn, as you will be watching an expert at work.  I’m not just talking about learning how to do makeup, but all those little things that go into getting regular work, knowing how to interact with the other crew members and talent on set (and… Continue reading ASSISTING: The “forgotten” Step to Success

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3 Tips for Successful TFP Shoots

Testing, or TFP, (which means Time for Print, or Time for Photos), is collaborative shooting where everyone is contributing their time and talents and getting images for their portfolios, but how do you go about getting the RIGHT images, GREAT images that you need to build a killer portfolio?

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How to Stand Out in an Overcrowded Space

Competition will always be there, and in order to be a successful artist, you need to find a way to stand out, and the best way to do that is not to follow the crowd and do what everyone else is doing (unless you are the BEST it’s hard to get noticed), but to do something different, something unique, something YOU.

5 ways to Build your Network

How can you best go about building your network? Relationships are built on value and you need to make sure that you are providing value to the people who you are networking with. Read on for 5 tips on building your network...

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Makeup Artist Costs Worksheet

Do you know how much it is costing you to be a makeup artist? Do you know how many faces you need to do, or days you need to work, in order to cover your costs and start making a profit? This handy worksheet will help you have a clearer idea!

EOFY Tips for Makeup Artists

End of Financial Year... time to get your accounts in order and file your taxes! But in this last few days before the EOFY, here's a couple of tips to save you (at least in the long run!)

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Choosing the right Makeup Education

One of my Secrets to Makeup Artist Success is “staying relevant”, and that means constantly updating your skills and keeping up with ever changing makeup trends. With so much on offer how do you know which makeup education is actually worthwhile? Who are the best educators, and are you going to get value for your money?